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The condition of smartphone battle in year 2016
The release date:2016/6/13 6:42:08

The condition of  smartphone battle in year 2016

Huawei:the newly emerging which relies thoroughly upon its own efforts  has unpredictable strength .

 Several days ago Huawei launched its latest smartphone handling chip- Hisilicon Kirin 950  and announced that its running performance could  kill at once Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and Samsung orion 7420.

According to the update   information provided by Huawei, the processor adopting  the 16nm FF + manufacturing technology of Taiwai Electric , the 4x 2.3GHz A72 core and 4x1.8 Ghz A53 integrated framework , was equipped with fresh new Mail T880 graphics processor which could raise the performance of data and graphic performance  and at the same time cut down power consumption by 20%. 

Huawei announced that the processor would be put into use in its brand new  flagship smartphone Mate 8 .

From year 2012 on , Huawei began to try its Hisilicon chip on its own smartphone from original K3v2 to Kirin 935 . The performance of initial Hisilicon chip was unstable . Although K3V2 was 4-core- smartphone -chip , its performance was like the fact that one pulled down jacket to conceal the raggedness only to expose ones elbows. There were great problems in its GPU compatibility . At that time all the Huawei smartphone products equipped with the processor defeated across the board .

Then Hisilicon launched Kirin 910 to 935 , although their compatibility performance was increasingly stable , their calculating and graphics performance were slightly disadvantageous compared with  that years Qualcomm processor .

Hisilicon chip is always homegrown and only carries Huawei smartphone. Therefore , the performance of Huaweis own flagship product is comparatively disadvantageous compared with that of other brands .Maybe with the launch of 950 , this kind of state can be changed  to some extent .As to the Mate 8 carried by,whether  it can be distributed in this year will depend on whether  the producing capability of Taiwan Electric can catch up  .

Some insiders thought that the more value of the chip was not  lying on the its competition among Qualcomm and Mediatek  , but making Huaweis smartphone product more competitive in the face with smartphone brands carrying other chips .

The smartphone chip market of year 2016 is raining and blowing hard  while  the past overlord Qualcomm does not live well .

Qualcomm:Staging a comeback is unpredictable 

Snapdragon 810 was the flagship product mainly promoted by Qualcomm in year 2015 , however , its feedback was well .

Qualcomm performed badly not only in high end market but also in middle and low end market .Snapdragon 615 caught serious fever in the same way  and its market feedback was common .The specification of Mediatek helio x 10 was similiar to that of 615  and its price was much cheaper , biting abruptly the meat of middle and high end market from the mouth of Qualcomm to make Qualcomms profit in year 2015 be on a serious decline.

Compared with the past image of being in nearly a monopolistic position , Qualcomm has come down a lot from this year . To regain market , the only choice is to talk with product .

According to the latest information released by Qualcomm , the newly researched and developed snapdragon 820 adopted the kryo structure sellf made by Qualcomm, whose performance was raised twice compared with that of Snapdragon 810  , reaching the highest frequency of 2.2 GHz.

The performance of GPU Adreno 530 was raised 40% compared with that of the former generation. Besides , benefiting from Samsung 14 nm technology , the performance and heat produced by Snapdragon 820 were in significant progress.

Of course , the official rhetoric can not be believed all , because there were not products carrying 820 coming out , therefore , whether    Qualcommn  can return as an overlord needs to be tested by time and market .

Mediatek: Double cores launching is difficult to make it   host .

Mediatek did not lead a smooth life in year 2016.

Because the OEM machine has been in prevalence in Huaqianbei in the early years and most of them have adopted the whole batch of scheme made by Mediatek ,  from the first beginning of smartphone , Mediatek brought the consumers with the image of copycat and  cheap .

In year 2015 , Mediatek aimed to march into high end market , launching MT6795 chip and giving it a western name "helio x10".

After its release , heliox10 has given a help hand to Mediatek to march into high end market , htc M9 + was the manufacturer which used the chip at the price of 4000 +. The followed smartphone carrying helio x10 were cheaper and cheaper , until it was applied by LeTV and xiaomi red mi note etc home-made smartphone at the price of 1000 Yuan, which broke x10 s dream of entering high end field .

To speak the truth from facts , Mediateks "helio x10" could not carry the high core level flag of year 2015.

Fortunately , the performance of "x20 "and "x30" to be released by Mediatek was strong enough regarded from the data announced recently . The two adopt A 72 +A 53 scheme on the core side and 20 nm (x20) and 16nm (x30) process, however , various manufacturers would not like to buy them . The insiders thought that the new chip of Mediatek had the possibility of breaking middle and high end to be used in the second flagship and middle end machines of various manufacturers ,but it had a long way to go to surpass flagship Mediatek .

Samsung: Galaxy amazing people with a single brilliant feat 

What being different from other manufacturers  was that in year 2016 , Samsung was a blockbuster in the smartphone chip market , which was due to its advanced 14nm producing processing  level. 

In the past , Samsung smartphone chip has been law-abiding , but it is far away from the performance of Qualcomm product in the same year , the only differences being not perfect  baseband and signal module  .

Therefore , the past Samsung flagship products always adopt two carriages scheme , that is Qualcomm chip + self made chip .

However 7420 researched and developed by Samsung itself in year 2015 broke the architecture . Four  combinations consisting of a 57+ a 53 were superior to the 20nm process used by Qualcomm. Samsung s own 14nm technology could better solve the heating problem of A 57 and become the black horse emerging in that year . 

Though 7420 chip is brilliant enough , it can be seen in Samsung brand smartphone , which truly guarantees the performance advantage of its own smartphone brand , the only exception being Meizu pro 5.

In addition , Samsungs bright process has brought it about other benefits. This year , Apple A9 processor has given half of its OEM capacity to Samsung .

That means that Samsung will act as the OEM( original equipment manufacturer) of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip. Though the technology of Samsung is very advanced , it does not own much conscience in commercial competition. In the past , all the purchasers which have bought Samsung components have all suffered loss because of Samsung , then it is difficult to predicate whether Samsung will procrastinate capacity so as to affect Qualcomms shipment .

In year 2016 , the chip mainly introduced by Samsung was the 8890 released recently . This time Samsung not only maintained its advantage in the process , but also made more customization on the basis of former public architecture . We believe its performance can maintain advantage in the 16 years chip battle .

Except the several international manufacturers , several domestic manufacturers are all itching for a try , staring at the cake of chip market .

Some media recently exposed that Xiaomi had a research and development team consisting of several hundreds people , cooperating with Unicore to be  engaged in research and development and positioning in middle and low end market . The friend business ZTE also announced that it would station in chip market in Heaven secret release conference , putting out the strategy of "ZTE OS + Sunlong core ".

At first the competition in smartphone market is very fierce . The technology accumulation of international manufactruers is very abundant . In high end chip market , domestic new chip is very hard to catch up with and transcend in the near future .

While in middle and  low end market , the cost of newly emerging manufacturer is comparatiively higher compared with that of other old established brands as a result of losing certain competition capability . Second now the label page of domestic core has been monopolized by Huawei Hislicon, so it is difficult to arouse the countrymens idea of buying domestic goods .

Epilogue: The year 2015 in which a cloud of smoke is floating over the battle field  is  coming to an end , which does not mean that in year 2016 smartphone market will maintain peace .

If Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 can solve its former generation s insufficiency , it can be predicated that it remains Android flagship smartphones mainstream choice .

Mediatek is nibbling middle and high end market  with Qualcomm through continuous big  progress.

Although Huawei Hislicon up to now has made some progress , it lags behind Qualcomm and Samsung . In the following years it is estimated that it will rely on its own products .

As to Samsung , it has stepped into the ranks of first class smartphone chip manufacturer by its excellent process ,research and development level . However , from the point of view of Samsungs ambition , I am afraid that  it will not only put its own chip into use .