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The foam of smart home exists and the suddenly rises of home robot
The release date:2016/3/31 8:24:18

   The foam of smart home exists and the suddenly rises of home robot 

                 In the five years of carrying out the home appliance subsidy policy , the home appliance industry has been developing in a super routine way . At that time , many enterprises set up new factories to enlarge  their producing capacity , which resulted in the  phenomenon of wasting producing capacity . Hence the occurring of high inventory in the industry is unavoidable .In year 2016 , the continuation of this situation will still go on . Except cheat subsidy , many factors such as the macroscopic market environment etc have led to the high inventory of home appliance industry . To deal with high inventory , enterprise also began to focus on searching for new growing points  and expand circling around the upstream and downstream industry except product innovation and technology research and development 

                        With the home appliance industrys entering into fresh normal state , home appliance enterprises are beginning to step on diversified development path on by one to search for new profit growing points .

                      The bet is diversified 

                       Home intelligent robot is rising in large scale 

                       In high pressured market environment , home appliance enterprises are searching for new product line continuously and expanding diversified industry scale  relevant to home appliance , looking for other strengthened industry market and really involving themselves in upstream and downstream industry under the already saturated  market environment .

                    Making use of their powerful manufacturing capacity , home appliance tycoons began to get themselves in intelligent making field in large scale one by one , launching the robots of their own and setting off a robot battle on this years exhibition booth . It seems that in one night , robots begin to emerge in home appliance industry in large scale , while some robots have been  made  in batch and will be sold formally this year.

                     Haier this time displayed an intelligent robot Ubot for home use , which could realize the interconnection  between the network device and product under Haier U+ intelligent ecological circle and interact with human being . The inside person of Haier disclosed that Ubot,whose price was about 10 thousand Yuan , had finished batch production and it would be launched in the market on May 1  

                   On the exhibition booth of Meidi , a robot named  Ice Cream Uncle by personnel made ice cream for people taking part in the exhibition. It was known that the robot was the robot which  was made by Meidis Yaskawa service robot company and Yaskawa Meidi industrial robot company after their joint venture .

                Meidis relevant personnel said ," Meidi has established  the dual intelligent strategy of smart home and smart manufacturing . Whether at home or in commerce , robots status is very crucial , being the important direction of Meidis diversification . Meidi will launch more  industrial robots in intelligent factories in the future except the service robot displayed in this exhibition."

                The current whole home appliance market is not an incremental market but a stock market . In such environment , the growth of the market structure has changed from big market growth to eroding growth . If an enterprise wants to get the increase in market share , it   has to either  grab , suppress and swallow its competitors market share  or explore diversified fields . Relatively speaking , a single robot , which  has high value  and long term development prospects , is the important direction of the home appliance enterprises exploring new product line.

                      The foam of smart home still exists 

                       The high-cost -supplier has difficulty in realizing batch production

                     The development of  intelligent hardware suppliers is  facing  the common problem of high cost . Because smart home can not realize breach in quantity to make batch production become true . The producing cost of manufacturers are generally  a little high . It will take two to three years for the intelligent product to realize quantity breach .

                       There exists foam and bottle neck in smart home industry . First , on technology side , some core technology does not have breach yet ,therefore , there exists the phenomenon of cooking concept in it . Besides ,some technology is not mature  and needs continuous upgrade to be put out in the market . Second , the cost is too high . The cost of the product can not be cut down by scale batch production. Third , there exists serious homogeneity phenomenon in the product . The product, which  has not grabbed the users needs, owns low practicability . At last , the universal standard of the industry has not been set up , therefore , different manufacturers have different interfaces and the industry is developing in a fragmentation way .   

                       " Now smart home still has foam , and  a lot of concepts are  on the stage of cooking concept. However , the products put out by many manufacturers do not have practicability , being unable to meet the uers needs and  realize cost cut ." One supplier who has a long term cooperation with home appliance tycoon spoke out the main reason why smart home industry has difficulty in development ," High cost has stopped the mass consumers at the door , which results in smart homes still being on promotion stage and being late to usher in large scale explosion."