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The design tendency of mobile terminal APP most being worth of attention this year
The release date:2016/5/4 7:46:05

 The design tendency of mobile terminal APP most  being worth of  attention this year

               No matter how much dispute about mobile web page and APP there is  , the unavoidable fact is that the mobile terminal APP is developing very quickly , which has resulted in the truth  that various customer terminals research ,development and accessing  have become normal state . The users are always looking forward to the management to launch customer terminal for their favorite brand and service . This kind of expectation and need has given early birth to more and more APP .

               APP is the abbreviation form for English word Application . Due to the popularity of the APP in iphone smart phone, at present APP refers to the applying program of the third party . Nowadays  there are comparatively famous APP stores  such as  the App store in APP ITune store ,  Android s Google Play Store , Nokia s ovi store , and Blackberry s Blackberry App World etc.

                The APP format of APP have ipa , pxl and deb . The APP format of Google Android system is APK ,Nokias S60 format having sis  and sisx .

              In the very beginning , APP participated in the commercial activities on the internet only  in the  cooperating form of third party application. With the more and more popularity of the internet , APP are winning more and more favor from internet tycoons as a mode being born with iphone  which  gains profit , such as the research and development platform of Tencent micro blog and the applying platform of Baidu etc are all the  detailed embody of APP thought . On one side , they can gather various kind of web accepter ; on the other side ,they can acquire flow with the aid of APP platform to acquire flow  , which includes mass flow and directed flow .

Nowadays in  the mainstream APP version  there are :

1、Android system version Android

2、Apple system version  iOS

3、Symbian system version  Symbian

4、Micosoft windowsphone

                       With the popularity of mobile terminal device such as smart phone and ipad, people are accustomed to making use of APP customer terminal to access the line , while the domestic  big online retailers all have their own customer terminals, which shows that the commercial application of APP customer terminal has already begun to display its own talent .


                       APP is not  as simple as  a customer terminal in mobile device . Now , on many devices the user can download the manufacturers official APP software to realize wireless controlling various kinds of products.

                       In fact , the research of APP analysis research institutions show that the length of time users spend on smart phone and tablet is 158 minutes , of which 127 minutes is spent on the various APP , and only 31 minutes is spent on browsing the web page . For the time being , we do not explore whether this figure is applicable to different countries and regions, but the overall trend is that users demand is more and more . If developers and vendors can not provide the users with APP or better experience , user loss is inevitable .

                     From smart phone to tablet PCs and even some related intelligent equipment , we can clearly observe in them involves rapid growth of APP in function, design and the potential . On the user side , in addition to the requirements for the user experience , APP is needed to provide enough influence , enhance concern degree and allow users to gradually become consumers in the true sense . Therefore , to sum up some of the predictable design trends , for the APP product, designers are of extraordinary significance . Then we can come together to see what APP design trend is noteworthy of being paid attention to .

Focus on the user experience

                           Although the growth of wearable devices is temporarily slowed , it is still firmly going forward. Data shows that within the scope of the world , every 10 smart phone users have one wearable device. The rapid expansion of mobile equipment allows the users demand for user experience becomes more and more . One of the most important need is to have a personalized user experience .The growth in the job of experience designers is predictable .  Even being apart from product design , development ,marketing , UT designers and other related jobs,user experience   even may become an independent business and a completely independent direction of career development . 

                        It is this demand and cognition that makes considerable part of the APP designers and developers focus on fewer  key function and provide frequent updates to supply growth type and gradually optimized user experience . It is in such a background  , advertisement within application of excellent experience and  highly unique  efficient navigation pattern begin to appear.  

Simple navigation mode

                            Users prefer simple navigation mode , clear layout ,clean interface ,therefore ,  APP design cheerful and pleasing to the eye are currently the users most favorite and anticipating things . Compared with the gorgeous and flowery menu design ,simple menu and side are more in line with the trend .

                         In fact , this is not unreasonable . There are more and more APP with complex design . Uses cost of learning a new APP is increasing day by day . If you paid attention to our elder generations attitude towards APP use , you will understand the learning to use the APP is really true and shameful status . Simple intuitive and convenient design can make it easier for users to find what they need . Therefore , simple navigation mode has more relaxed ,stable and smooth , friendly and infinite rolling magic spell . For the mobile terminal APP design , this prediction is actually very bold , but considering the design elements of collocation , big picture and refreshing modern typeface , designers will gradually favor this kind of design technique . However , if the user is unable to switch from one page to another page , with the aide of navigation , he may become annoyed because of spending too much time .This maybe is the  demerit which the infinite rolling page has brought about to the users .

The magic spell of infinite rolling

                         For the mobile terminal APP design , this prediction is actually very bold , but considering the design elements of collocation , big picture and refreshing modern typeface , designers will gradually favor this kind of design technique . However , if the user is unable to switch from one page to another page , with the aid of navigation , he may become annoyed because of spending too much time . These are the demerits which the infinite rolling page has brought about to the users.

The use of bold and striking typeface

                                 Each APP is trying to compete for user s attention , while the use of striking typeface satisfies the demand . Under the current market situation , large screen mobile phone and tablet are the mainstream . This is a very important background . The presence of big typeface on the mobile APP ends  brings about  ranks to interface and raise the visual weight of specific elements , which makes it difficult for the users to forget big enough ,elegant enough , unique enough and fit enough typeface  to  enhance the pages temperament  and characteristics .This is another important opportunity for APP design .

More simple color collocation

                                     The beauty of simplicity is the most popular design ideas in recent years . The most simple color scheme also fit this idea . With the new ios system , neon colors , whose influence has been watered down , becomes popular . Users now like the subtle and rich texture colors ,  so neat and clean are pressing down gorgeous and flamboyant color collocation trend .

User interface situation awareness

                              Situation awareness is to make APP distinguish the occasion and state of APP being used  and have influence on the user based on the information .The APP with situation awareness function can distinguish the current state according to the current background information such as users position , identity , activity and time , and give reasonable feedback . When having lunch , you open a map class service , you need not make a search and it will provide you with the information of current position and surrounding catering class information. With the development of APP design and market demand , situation awareness will become a sustainable and gradually prosperous development direction .

Quasi materialization regression

 From Microsoft to Apple , Google walks further and further away on the way of removing quasi materialized direction .The design of quasi materialized design seems to have become the synonymous of age . However , flat 2.0 began to introduce many quasi materialized elements , making the difference between the two not so obvious . The metaphor for paper in material design is drawing close to quasi materialized trend . In the future , we will see more quasi materialized design , whether the never outdated wind of restoring ancient ways , or the mobile terminal s being flourish again  in details and texture awareness . Quasi materialization is moderately and timely gradually returning .

The markup of social media

                                Friends often going shopping are very clear about the fact that the users comment has great impact on customers purchase intention . A product , which is propagandized on twitter may bring great benefits to a merchant . These are no doubt the impact of social media . The deep combination between social media and APP may bring huge impact . Whether in China or outside China , the integration of social media and APP is continuing to push forward .

Sustainable development of wearable devices

                            The popularity of wearable devices seems to be slowing down , but manufacturers are still firmly going toward the direction . Subdivision begins to appear in products while  more more and more users appear in market segmentation. In fact , more and more wearable devices corresponding to the mobile terminal APP and their function service is also more and more complete .For the designers and manufacturers , this is the next big thing which people can not miss .

The rise of interactive design

                                  Mobile terminal APP concentrates on the users needs . Another performance is interactive design , so as  designers and developers , they naturally have obligation to provide more excellent interaction design , stronger visual design and more innovative architecture .


                             To sum up , the trend appearing this year and the popularity fading away should not deviate from the above discussion too far .