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There is some increase in the market scale of smart home
The release date:2016/7/13 7:48:02

There is some increase in the market scale of smart home

Three years ago , smart bracelet roared across the horizon to make smart wearable device touch peoples life so closely and draw the prelude of smart hardware stage . Since then, various products have begun to step into their own smart process . After  a period of slightly rapid development , the embryo  form of smart industry have  come into being , smart watch and unmanned aircraft being the brightest stars among them . With time going on , the temperature of the market is gradually cooling down  and smart products either step into stable development period or unavoidable death fate. The tendency is beginning to rise to the water surface .

Basically , every year one category always becomes the focus of smart market . This field  not only gathers more industry resource but also attracts more media attention. Judged from the hot degree at the  end of last year and the beginning of this year , undoubtedly , VR is a big focus of year 2016. However , observing from the state of this year , the total cost of VR is slightly higher , several products which have the biggest competitive power  have not truly entered into consuming market , therefore , the proportion of this product in the whole smart market will not be much high .Based on Chinese market , The serials research report of Chinese smart hardware industry released by Ai Rui Advisory displays that the market scale of Chinese hardware market was 42.4 billion Yuan while  in year 2016 , it will surpass 50 billion Yuan . In the continuously growing cake , which field in the future one year will be a highlight ?

The report analyzed the sale of  Chinese various kinds of hardware products in the past one year .We can see visually from the above picture that the  sale proportion of smart home category product is  obviously higher than that of other categories , which is nearly consistent with the feedback data from electronic business platform . According to the released information from QIanxue of Ali smart life business department , the two  products, brand  robot sweeping the floor and two smart air conditioner , whose sale  surpassed one hundred million Yuan in year 2015, all came from smart home field . Besides , smart air cleaner and water cleaner all received welcome from the consumers .In the crowd funding   smart  hardware project  of Jingdong last July , smart home category product occupied  37%.

Having a view of global market , the latest report released by research institute , Research and Markets , displays that in the future five years , global smart home device and service market will increase at a speed of 8-10% , and in year 2018 , its market scale will reach 68 billion US dollars .

So in a very long period of time in the future , smart home category product is the core of smart market , which has close relation with product attributes . To the consumers , a large part of smart lies in solving the current problems in easy ways , not creating a new or unimportant problem and then solving it . Reforming the former home products  can avoid the demerit of  false  demand  fundamentally .Television , electric light , air conditioner , refrigerator , washing machine etc are the most common products in peoples life . This is the biggest difference between smart home and smart medical . The former is the upgrade of civil scene while the latter is to use the professional in common scene , which has more obstacles .

Electric appliance is the category of product being closest to smart . Some people regards intelligence, whose use in this field just connects the scientific revolution process of electrification, as the core of the fourth industrious revolution .Compared with smart transportation , smart home category products are involved with fewer systems , simpler structure and more rapid advancing.

In the past two years , smart home category products have been developing very stably , having no phenomenon of radical change , the reason of which lies in the threshold of these products , especially big household appliance products , are comparatively high ,the result being the inside players are either  traditional household industry tycoon or emerging internet industry tycoon who intangibly pull low the risk of the whole industry . First , it prevents middle and small sized venture company from coming inside .Second , if intelligence does not achieve success , the former household appliance market will be affected . In addition ,  the effect of core players can guide the establishment of industrious standard . 

Under the background of the whole economy decline , the status of real estate industry is hard to  be cut down in a short period of time .How to get along with this traditional industry and inject new fresh blood into this too old field ? Intelligence is a very good trial .Many real estate and home decoration enterprises are cooperating with science and technology companies to do some research on this side . If they achieve success , the whole smart home industry will get a good growth point .

Though capital s enthusiasm to smart hardware is radically on the decline , it will not attack the smart home market led by big players . In year 2016 , whether  a hot style comes out or not , the intelligence of household furniture will be pushed forward stably and occupies a crucial status in smart market . To the investors , it is possible to become a comparatively safe area.