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The newest smart phone technology being worth waiting for in the near future
The release date:2016/8/15 12:08:18

The newest smart phone technology being worth waiting for in the near future 

With the rapid development of technology , nowadays the replacement of smart phone is quicker and quicker , but  its homogenization is becoming more and more serious . To raise their own competitive power  , smart phone manufacturers have launched several new technologies , such as fingerprint recognition , curved screen etc , which have become the gimmicks of smart phone buyers.

Tossing the technologies at hand aside , what are the new smart phone technologies in the future ? Several days ago , the writer did some investigation about this  and collected some statistical data about the latest smart phone technology, some of which will be used in smart phone if there is no accident .

1、Folding screen 

The curved surface liquid crystal of Samsung Edge series has made people amazing  , however , it has no other use except dazzling cool. Compared with it , the first folding screen smart phone to be launched by Samsung is more attractive . When opened , it is a smart phone . When closed , it is a tablet .This can be counted as a revolutionary progress .


2、Wireless charging 

Battery technology is always the bottleneck of smart phone development and various manufacturers are searching for the solutions to it . Quick charge and flash charge is one solution , while the other is wireless charging . According to exposed information , now some manufacturers can make electric energy magnetized  and realize true wireless charging through the transfer from electric energy to magnetic energy and then to electric energy . This kind of technology has been put into trial use .


3、Space operation

In the I/O conference , Google launched a wearable device --------- Project Soli, which was a 60GHz millimeter pulse radar wave technology , which could  capture the users gestures in any space and realize space controlling electric equipment   without touching screen .


4、Solar disinfection 

According to the exposure of various experiments , smart phone screen perhaps is the dirtiest surface which we have ever touched . Microsoft has applied for a patent for this . Microsoft uses the refraction principle of light to transfer solar ultraviolet rays to the whole screen  to disinfect the screen and even the finger without affecting the display of the screen itself . 

5、Stronger screen 

Motorola recently launched fresh new smart phone Droid Turbo2 , whose biggest characteristic is that shatter proof screen .The total five layers which consist of the design of double layer touch control coating , shatter proof iner layer , anti scratch outer layer and  the reinforced aluminum cover of the bottom layer protect your screen . With the evolution of glass technology, the screen of future smart phone will be stronger and stronger . 

6、Real brimless 

Now the frame of smart phone is very narrow , but manufacturers are continuously researching and developing brimless  smart phone . Now the brimless  smart phone appearing on the market mostly achieved visual deception through 2.5 D glass or black panel .According to the force made by manufacturers , real brimless  smart phone can be expected soon.