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The smart home product of year 2016 being most worth of buying
The release date:2016/8/23 16:57:43

  The smart home product of year 2016  being  most worth of buying 

              Nowadays , nearly every family has several smart home products . Compared with traditional home , these smart home products not only possess traditional functions , but also provide full range automatic information interaction which makes life more intelligent . Being in the face of various kinds of dazzling smart home products , many consumers do not know how to make choice. To give a helping hand to people who want to forge smart life easily , I , the writer  now recommend several  optional smart home products which are most popular with common family .

Picture  1:Smart home goes deeply into every family

一.Smart camera 

In the past two years , home security is more and more popular with all people .Smart camera which has remote monitoring and automatic calling police functions is gradually taking the place of traditional camera and going into common homes . The smart cameras being  a little hot in the market are 360 smart camera , small ant smart camera and fluorite etc . In these cameras , 360 smart camera is much more popular with the other brands . 

Picture  2:360 smart camera and  Xiao Mi smart camera

Take 360 smart camera for an example . We have a look at why smart camera is the essential single product for smart home . First , 360 camera can achieve remote monitoring , automatic capturing flash shot to call police , automatic video recording etc basic house keeping anti-theft functions. When a stranger enters into the house  and valuable articles have any move , it can automatically capture picture and send it immediately to the clients and monitor home situation to avoid accidents from happening at any time .

Second , 360 smart camera shortens the distance among family members greatly to make people s communication more convenient , which is especially practical for family which has old man and children in it . For example , office workers can see their babies any time in the day  while young parents working outside the city can talk and communicate with their children in their mother town  , taking care of their old men at home to prevent accidents from happening。 It can not only achieve feeling interaction  but also protect the security of family members, therefore , it is very practical . This is the reason why the writer recommend smart camera a lot . 

Another reason is that these camera products are very cheap  which is  suitable for working family to buy . For example , 360 smart camera which has the best sale is sold only at 199 Yuan while the basic price of other brands is about 500 Yuan .

二.Smart plug wire board 

Plug wire board is very common for every family  and it can be said to be the essential product at home . Now Xiao Mi and 360 plug wire board are very popular . According to news released , smart plug wire board, which  has USB charge port and international plug port in it , can greatly save charge space when every man has several electronic devices at hand . It can make several devices be quickly charged at the same time .

Plug wire board is the most common product in any home, hence smart plug wire board is very practical for ordinary household  to be worthy of being bought .

Picture  3:Multi function smart plug wire board 

三.Smart router 

Under the situation in which network has universal use , router has already been the essential  device of every home . With the development of smart technology , smart router is gradually taking the place of traditional router  to become the essential home product .

After smart router is set up at home , the user can achieve remote operation , cloud disk and external disk storage . As the departing port , it can bring about great convenience for the users remote operation and storage. For example , when the user is in his office , he can achieve remote controlling the time of breaking off and connecting during his work time to prevent his children from playing games . Besides , he can download movie blockbuster during his office hour and enjoy watching it when coming back home .

According to news released , at present , the price of smart router ranges from tens to thousands of Yuan . The performance price ratio of TP-LiNK , Huawei , 360 router is comparatively higher  and the user can choose to buy it based on his own needs.

Picture 4:Smart router 

四.Smart light bulb

Saying from the function , smart bulb can realize basic light adjustment while some can support the adjustment of light color and the function of connecting with loudspeaker box camera etc . In addition , it can achieve control through smart phone and other terminals. It provides more controlling methods to bring about more everyday life convenience for the user .

Smart light bulb is the new form of smart home industry . Now the mainstream of the current home light lis LED lighting bulb, for example , Meizu X-light Plus smart light bulb , Wulian cloud home  7W color ball bubble bulb type 02 and  the combination of lifeSmart capsule light bulb. However , the price of smart light bulb is comparatively higher.

Picture 5:Smart light bulb having multi functions

With the continuous development of smart technology , various kinds of smart home product have affected peoples daily life 。However , now many smart home products stay at the period of making concept so as not to bring about real convenience to the user s life . The above mentioned products which the writer recommend are all really practical products being suitable for common home , so the user can make a choice according to his own needs .