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The research report of Android smart phone brand distribution and hot chip ranking
The release date:2016/9/20 7:50:55

The research report of Android smart phone brand distribution and hot chip ranking 

Most part of year 2016 has already passed and major smart phone manufacturers have their own flagship smart phone. It can be said that one is better than another .From the point of view of the chip adopted by smart phone , the chip released this year is nothing more than chip made by  four manufacturers :Qualcomm, Mediatek , Hisilicon and Samsung . However , which is hotter and makes smart phone manufacturers more satisfied ? According to   the report about the brand distribution of Android smart phone chip and top ranking Bunny released today , the situation is not beyond expectation. 

Everyone knows that as the engine of smart phone , the performance of chip directly determines the experience of consumers. Therefore , on the choice of chip , every smart phone manufactuer has its own consideration . Then in the first half of year 2016 , which is the most favorite smart phone chip ? At present , which is the chip brand in the market that  has the highest ocuppancy rate ?

Generally speaking , the shipment volume of mobile chip in the first half of year 2016 has very big change compared with that of last year , which has direct relation with the gradual maturity of manufacturers making technology and the continuous decline of chip price . Up to now , the brand distribution of Android device chip in the first half of year 2016 has formed the situation of Qualcomm , Samsung , Mediatek and Hisilicon quartet confrontation .In them , Qualcomm secured its position by 820 chip in the high end flagship market  and Mediatek Hello serials chips fight firmly and stand steadily to get a well market occupancy rate . Let us have a look at the detailed report .

一。 The brand distribution of Android smart phone chip in the first half of year 2016

We can see from the chip distribution in the first half of year 2016 that Qualcomm has the absolute market dominance  and nearly half of the smart phones in the market adopt Qualcomm chip .The situation results from the fact that in the first half of year 2016 Qualcomm began to make clear the market position of the chips under its flag . After securing its flagship market by Snapdragon 820 , Qualcomm began to make layout in the middle end market .For example , Snapdraggon 652 , which has a very high performance price ratio , has acquired the favor of many smart phone manufacturers .

    The market occupancy rate of Mediatek has certain growth compared with that of last year . The biggest meritous stateman is Mediatek Hello serials chips . From the current point of view , there is certain gap for it to catch up with Qualcomm.

  The total proportion of Samsung chip has a slightly down compared with that of last year , the main reason attributed to which is that most of Samsung chips are only supplied to its own smart phone and Meizu smart phone .Additionally , this years Galaxy S7 owns two versions , Samsung chip ,Qualcomm chip and its released version in homeland is also Qualcomm version , which has great effect on Samsung chip market proportion .

    The total proportion of Hisilicon chip has no distinct change compared with that of last year , after all only Huawei smart phone is using this chip now . Besides four big chip manufacturers , there are some other chip manufacturers which are put into other ranks by cony . For example , intel , Spreadtrum etc . Among them , intel does not make smart phone chip and Spreadtrum though released brand new chip _SC 9832, its fixed postion is too low (below 500 Yuan ) . Therefore , it is not put into the ranks.

二。 Android smart phone market occupance rate TOP 10 in the first half of year 2016

  In the chip rank of year 2016 , Qualcomm Snapdraggon 820 got manufacturers unanimous approval . As Qualcomm most powerful chip , Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 has very strong CPU performance and excellent picture handling ability . Therefore , in the flagship market , the chip became the first choice of makers.  Exynos 7420 which is researched and developed by Samsung is still very popular nowadays . All of these are all attributed to the fact that smart phones which are equipped with Samsung GALAXY s6 , Samsung GALXY Notes 5 and Meizu PRO5 all have good scores .

From the chart we can see that Mediatek Hello X10 and Hello X 20 both have very high market occupancy , which has very close relation with their high performance and price ratio . The smart phones equipped with the chip all have the characteristics of low price and high performance , which are very attractive to consumers , above all price is the first motive of consumers buying a smart phone .

In addition , in the list the chip has to be mentioned is Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 chip which Qualcomm specially prepared for middle and high end market . As  one of Qualcomms flagship performance and price ratio chip, Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 has the performance to former generation of Qualcomm flagship chip , however , its price is comparatively lower , then it acquired smart phone makers favor . 

The last is Sinochip Hisilicon Kylin 950 , above all at present Hisilicon Kylin chip is only used by the high end smart phone of Huawei . Among them , Hisilicon Kylin 950 chip equipped on Huawei Mate 8 can be counted as Hisilicon serials chip which have better sales .Even so , there is gap between the market occupancy of Hisilicon Kylin chip and major share of three other chips . We wish Hisilicon could make hard effort .

In general , the above mentioned are brand distribution of Android smart phone chip and TOP 10 market occupancy in the first half of year 2016 . From the development tendency in the first half of year 2016 , now the competition in smart phone market is still very fierce . Qualcomm secured its position through Snapdragon 820 successfully in the high end market . Mediatek Hello chip, whose market occupancy followed closely to that of Qualcomm, became the most favorite of middle and low end smart phone type .The performance of Samsung chip is still eye-catching . The market occupancy of  former generation Samsung Exynos 7420  is treading on the heels of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 while the proportion of Samsung Exynos 8890 is not low . Hisilicon chip  is standing firmly and fighting steadily . Besides Kylin 950 which successfully gets on the list , the market performance of Kylin 955 and Kylin 650 is  good too . Though they do not get on TOP 10 list , their strength is worth good word .