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The shipment of tablet PC and smart phone is growing steadily
The release date:2016/10/17 7:17:33

The shipment of tablet PC and smart phone is growing steadily 

The analyst of market research company on Monday released the latest evaluation report on the competition situation about smart phone and tablet PC , which estimates that in year 2016 , global smart phone shipment will reach 1.2 billion and the shipment of tablet PC will reach 0.207 billion , including low priced tablet PC such as Amazon Kindle Fire .

The report predicates  that Android operating system will maintain its leading role in the smart phone software market until year 2016 . At that time , its proportion will be 57% , which is higher than  49% of this year . The proportion of Apple iOS system is 18% , which is similar  to the current level .Microsoft Windows Phone ( micro-blog) operating system is estimated to enter this market in the next few years.

In terms of tablet PC market , the report evaluates  that the share of Apple iOS operating system will occupy slightly less than half in year 2016 , and Software Windows Phone operating system will occupy 17% , which is resulted from the fact that software will release Windows Phone 8 in the next few years .  The share of the tablet PCs which are  based on Android system such as Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 etc will have a  relatively stable proportion of 35%.

It is believed that in year 2016 , Kindle Fire will become the only challenge of Apples leading role in the tablet PC market . Tablet PC is the consumer electronic product having the fastest growth speed . It is estimated that until year 2016 , its shipment in the total PC shipment will reach 29%. In this market Apple is estimated to be the only monopolist and the other PC and smart phone manufacturers can not weaken Apples status .In the maximum degree the only product which can be regarded as important is Kindle Fire , which is put out by internet tycoon Amazon .The close combination of hardware ,software and service is the precondition on which this kind of tablet PC carries out competition . It remains so on the condition of slightly low price . The fine differentiation of other manufacturers products will give help to maintaining Apples own market status .

The shipment of Chinese smart phone maintains world first 

In the second quarter of year 2012 , the shipment of global smart phone was 158 million and the shipment of Chinese smart phone occupies 27% , which is the first in the world top list . The shipment of Chinese brand product keeps a amazing growth .

The report displays that  the top three in the shipment of Chinese smart phone  market  is Samsung , ZTE  and Lenovo , the shipment of Apple falling to the fifth . Although Samsung keeps the overall leadership in Chinese smart phone market . However , compared with the condition of first quarter , its market share has some decline  while  the shipment of local brand manufactuers grows rapidly . The shipment of overseas smart phone manufacturers is 16.7 million , a year on year growth of 67%. By contrast , the total shipment of Chinese local brand smart phone is 25.6 million , a year on year growth of 518% , occupying 60% of total shipment in Chinese smart phone market .

The writer thinks that in the past several quarters , Chinese local brand is always striving to improve its brand resonance effect , expand and enhance its relation and affecting power in the running manufacturers . The reaction  to the market need  and the deep understanding of local consuming behavior and preferences  make the local brand manufactuers surpass international manufactuers in the fast growing Chinese market .