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The trend of smart video monitoring s intelligence and high definition is very distinct
The release date:2016/10/24 8:42:50

The trend of smart video monitoring s intelligence and high definition is very distinct  

From the 80s of the twentieth century , the security industry in our country is developing very rapidly  and with  the speed of product changing being  very quick  and technology having qualitative leap , the instant change in the market has become the industry norm .The market demand being continuously upgrading , the steadily expanding of application field , the further combination of technology  and the emerging of statistical security product are the east winds that the chip manufacturers can make use of . They have attracted more and more chip manufacturers to take part in security team .

The trend of intelligence , high definition and webfication is demanding security chip to make continuous technology innovation , hence security chip has been developing very quickly . In the recent years , the decoding mode of video  has changed from H. 263 to MPEG 4 , then gradually transited  to H.264 . Now the H.265 decoding mode has occupied most fields of monitoring market . Its higher compressing efficiency and lower code stream have pushed security industry to a fresh new height .

According to the foreign media statistics , the security market scale of bank ,financial service and insurance  will grow from 2.561 billion USD to 4.438 billion USD (2015-2020) , its compound growing rate reaching 11.6%.

According to the investigation display in 《The report about the market prospect and investment strategy planning analysis from year 2016-2021 》, the total industry output value is predicated to have 8% growth compared with the 500 billion or so industry output value , in which the output value of video monitoring system has surpassed 100 billion USD. The industry development has brought about rapid market need .

Therein the diversity of customer demand exists distinctly in any application market . As to security video monitoring , there are always manufacturers which ignore the problem of customer demand . It will give rise to the phenomenon of manufacturers over-leading the clients .In the web monitoring age , how to grasp the actual need of the customers and put out relative customized product has become the required courses of security enterprises which are security oriented .

The steady development of big data and internet of things  is radiating security industry in large area . The security chip is the top of pyramid in the vedio monitoring industry , which plays the key role in the development context and direction of the security industry . Its technical indicators including definition , sensitivity ,color and dynamic range etc . have determined all the technical indicators .The technical key to the camera system lies in the performance of its core chip team .

High definition is the future trend , which has become the industry consensus .How to go down this road , for which different chip manufacturers have different voices . People are searching for mature , large scale and economic transition program .