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Artificial intelligence chip is the passport to intelligence age
The release date:2016/12/20 8:37:51

 Artificial intelligence chip is the passport to intelligence age 

      Nowadays , artificial intelligence is developing very quickly , which is one prominent phenomenon of market development .

      The executive vice director of Intel data center group , Diane Bryant , announced in the developers conference that Intel would introduce chip specially designed for machine deep study , Xeon Phi, Code knights Mill . Not long ago , Intel spent 400 million dollars  buying a start-up Nervana Systems , which was concentrating on developing deep study platform research ." It is expected that research and breakthrough in artificial intelligence field will be greatly accelerated ."

Insiders pointed out that with the quick pushing forward of Intel artificial intelligence strategy , the fragmented pattern of artificial intelligence chip was gradually coming into being .

No matter traditional giant such as Intel ,NVDIA and  Qualcomm or International network giant Google , Facebook ,or the new forces similar to Horizon and Cambrian Period , though the focus of which is all aiming at artificial intelligence application chip , in fact all of them are making layout on  one place of themselves in the future ."The founder and CEO of Horizon robot technology, Yukai said  the above-mentioned words when he received interview from China Science Journal .Nearly all the intelligence applying scenario in the future can not be divorced from neural network chip and software . 

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           AI chip raises  competition wave 

           Recently , the field of artificial chip has been very bustling . Some insiders made joke saying if a manufacturer did not do some article on the side of deep study and artificial intelligence , he was embarrassed to hold a technical conference .

            It is true. Long before Intel quickly involved itself in the game , NVDIA, Google , Qualcomm and IBM have all made their layout  in high voice in artificial chip field.

           On April 6, Huan renxun , the CEO of NVDIA announced a new type chip supporting Tesla P100 in its companys GPU technical conference  and seized the opportunity to release a chip computer DGX-1 which carried 8 P100 chips and could be used for deep study ."   Huan renxun further remarked ," We decide to put all our heart into artificial intelligence . We will design for the first time that one chip which is specially used in this field , specially used to quicken artificial intelligence and quicken deep study ."   

               Google,which directed alone man-machine battle did not want to lag behind in artificial intelligence chip research field . In " Google I/O developer conference held in May , Sundar Pichai, Google CEO , announced the secret weapon to artificial intelligences defeating nine masters player Lishishi---------TPU. TPU is a customized chip which is specially designed for machine study . It has gained higher performance after being trained on the side of  special deep machine study .

               Not long before the man-machine war of the century , IBM admitted that it had researched and developed a computer chip which could work as a human brain. The name of the chip was TrueNorth consisting of 4,096 little computing kernel. All the computing kernel had formed about one million digital brain cells and 256 million neural circuit . The engineer of Samsung who made the chip said ," They work just as human brain cells, sending information to one another and handling data." IBM said ," It is a great development in the field of chip  simulating human brain ."

              Qualcomm , which had absolute advantage in smart phone chip ,also made layout in artificial intelligence positively . According to material provided by Qualcomm, on artificial side , it had made investment in Clarifai company and China Unisound  which specilized in the intelligence service in internet of things . Besides , Facebook , Microsoft and Twitter all strengthen their research and development of artificial intelligence through designing new chips.

             The statistical data of Venture Scanner displayed that last year all the artificial intelligence companies in the world made altogether 1.2 billion US dollars . However , according to the estimation of BBC , the world  market scale of articial intelligence will surpass 100 billion US dollars untill year 2020.

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