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A shallow analysis about the current state of Chinese service robot market size and development situation
The release date:2016/12/20 8:47:50

A shallow analysis about  the current   state  of Chinese

 service robot market size and development situation 

一。The market is on the eve of outbreak 

        The market size of service robot has been expanding very quickly since its emergence . According to authoritative prediction , in year 2015 ,  the market size of Chinese service robot was about 8.2 billion Yuan  and in year 2016 its market size is about 14 billion Yuan while in year 2017 , its market size will surpass 20 billion Yuan .

       The market size of Chinese service robot 

        The market size of service robot can exceed that of industry robot .  The writer thinks that the service robot market will meet long time growth , its future market size being sure to surpass that of industry robot . The reasons are listed below :(1) The breakthrough of the internet of things , big data and man-machine interacting technologies provides evidence to the outbreak of service robot market ;(2) The group  consumption concept of the generation after 80s and 90s has changed  and their time put into domestic labor is not enough . With the yearly increase of income , the demand for service robot of young people is on the increase greatly ;(3) The steady advancement of artificial intelligence will strengthen the interacting ability of service robot and the progress of technology is possible to bring about more need for renew technology.

   二。Four overall  industry trends  

    Trend one : The connection between artificial intelligence and service robot is becoming closer and closer . Compared with industry robot , service robot focuses more on man-machine interaction . The reciprocal interaction  between customer and machine is frequently exchangeable  .Besides , the demand for the feedback speed of robot is very high , which requires  highly for artificial intelligence technologies including deep learning , natural language processing , visual perception and cloud calculation etc . We think that in the long term , artificial intelligence is the core of service robot and the market boundary of service robot  has to be broken through by artificial robot technology .

       Trend two : The field of domestic service will have an outbreak first .(1) On domestic service side , service robot can provide not only cleaner service including sweeping etc , but also act as the important interface of smart home , pushing service for customers after data analysis ;(2) On the side of medical application , medical robot can realize minimal invasive surgery and recovery treatment ;(3) In addition , service robot can also be used in education , logistics and finance etc .For example , little i robot cooperated with the Bank of communications to put forward Bank of Communication "little e" , which was a robot being able to accept bank business handling . Relatively speaking , home service and medical treatment do not have high requirement for robot intelligence . The artificial intelligence of the current robot can be qualified for these jobs , however , the man-machine interaction in the field of education and finance etc is very frequent and the information needed is very abundant .

          Trend three: Service robot is possible to become an important data entrance . For the time being , the application scene of service robot is very monotonous, it only gets industrialization application in home cleaner fields etc . In the long term , service robot may take the place of smart phone to become the next generation smart terminal , whose application scene is possible to be more diversified . Hence , in the short and intermediate term , it is possible for the home service robot to become the entrance of smart home ; while in the long run , with the diversification of market application scene , service robot perhaps will be the next crucial data entrance .

           Trend four : In the long run , enterprises having abundant industry experience and strong technical skill will sure to stand out . Nowadays , many enterprises have poured into service robot industry . Generally speaking , at present in the service robot market , excellent enterprises include:(1) The Net giants , such as Google , Microsoft , IBM and Baidu etc . This sort of enterprise has strong technical background , mostly cutting into artificial intelligence layer ;(2) Enterprises specialized in application scene , for example : Midea , Haier , Kowalski etc made layout one by one in home service robot field , Davanci etc concentrated on medical robot field  while little i robot was skilled in virtual service assistant field to provide B terminal customer with customer service skill and service .